Bubbleapps.io email bounced

Mail send from bubbleapps.io to Hotmail is bounced since a couple of days. Does anyone else experience the same?

Is there a possibility to send email from my Office365 account using Microsoft Graph?


Hey there @wouter.de.heer,

It could be bad mail delivery with Sendgrid, not 100% sure though. @eve, have there been reports about this for Hotmail users?

Any news on this?


This is a very well known problem. Bubble uses SendGrid to send its default email, unless you configure and use another email service. Just search the forum for SendGrid, and you’ll see the reasons why. SendGrid mails to Yahoo, hotmail, live, outlook, etc all get blocked. You will need to use another email service like PostMark, SendinBlue, MailGun, etc. This is not a Bubble problem, it’s a SendGrid problem.

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