We're looking for Bubble developers who want paid work

Hello all!

The Upstarters are looking for Bubble developers to join our partner network, who we can pay on an hourly basis when we need more resources on our projects.

Priority skills we are looking for are APIs & Plugin Development, but anyone who counts themselves as a professional Bubbler is welcome to register! Please complete this form if you’re interested and I’ll be in touch to schedule a short interview call.


Once you’re in our network, we will contact you when we have paid work ready for you.

If you’re interested in who we are you can check out our website here https://theupstarters.com

I look forward to meeting you!

Ali Farahat,
CTO @ The Upstarters


Is it true that Bubble developers make $100 per hour?

Hey everyone, just giving this a bump up. If you are interested please don’t hesitate to complete the form we will be starting reaching out to everyone soon.

Questions? Just ask

@funwtp :wave:

If you build apps by yourself or are your own business, yes. If you work for an Agency, probably not.

I’m not sure how much theupstarters pay. It’s probably worth the experience anyways. :+1: They do good work. Might be worth applying and seeing what they offer you, I’m sure it’s a reasonable rate.

There is a wide range of pay rates for agencies. I wouldn’t want to throw a number out there since it probably varies so much.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Are you looking for individuals only, or are small agencies free to apply? Also, is the pay contract or salary-based?

Hey @austin3 any and all is fine. Anyone can apply even if you are an agency

Hi @AliFarahat ! I’m ready to help, you can check my UX/UI skills by the links below.


Hey @mamaevbakh

Did you register through the link?

Yes, I did! Should I do it again?