Hover button link is skewed

Not really sure how to best describe this problem, I have created a button in a menu that links to another page. However the ‘clickable area’ of the button is skewed.

The attached image shows where in a red circle where my cursor must be to make the ‘projects’ button clickable. When I hover over the actual word projects however its not clickable, as though the button link has ‘dropped’ below the actual button


Does anyone know how to fix this?


Can you post a link to your editor (or share in a PM)? I noticed something similar in another app recently but wasn’t able to reproduce it consistently.

Hey sorry for the late reply, I’ve sorted it now, turns out it was a blank text element that I obviously couldn’t see. It was glitching out a little and wouldn’t let me select it so only found it when scrolling through the ‘pick an element’ dropdown.

Cheers anyway

Glad you were able to identify it. As well, when you’re in preview mode, you can use the Inspect tool to query elements (and make sure some phantom element isn’t interfering).

And right below the “Inspect” button, in very small font, you can click the “Show responsive boxes” button, which will outline objects on the page.


WHUT!!!??? I’ve never even noticed that before. Huh. Whaddyaknow?

(I speak of the tiny text under inspect.)

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Its a really easy to miss, 8px font :grinning:

I think Bubble should make it a bit more visible. I sometimes prefer using Chromes developer tools to test responsive (rather than in Editor) and combined with the responsive boxes enabled its really quite a handy one.


I do the same but didn’t realize about the outlines!

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