Icon action now shows as link

I have an Material Icon ellement, which is a part of repeating group which has an certain action.
From time to time when page load when I hover this icon - my browser sometimes won’t show that this icon has action (cursor changes to link).
Even thou if I click on that icon - action happens.

I believe I have same issue as here - Hover button link is skewed
But I have just an icon with fixed size.

I’ve just checked - even if I place a button within the repeating group and add action to in - it won’t always show as clickable.
Furthermore: not a single element inside repeating group shows as clickable (button, icon) even though they have actions.

I am having this same issue right now…however, it isn’t for icons in repeating groups only, it is all icons with workflows that are triggered on click of icon.

I’ve never noticed this before now…Must be a bug.

Try to add

<style>.clickable-element {cursor:pointer !important;}</style>

to “Script / meta tags in header” in your settings.

You mean use code in the no-code environment? My goal is to use no code and no plugins (at least as few as possible) and attempt to use “plain old vanilla bubble”.

I believe achieving this goal would really pay tribute to bubble as a platform.

I think this may need a bug report.

Looks like there are some problems with if elements were copied/pasted.
I’ve re-created all elements manually and everything is working now.


That’s terrible news…that seems to be a reoccurring theme as I have experienced this in other areas which usually causes me to waste lots of time building something that really shouldn’t need to be.

If anybody else is experiencing this issue please chime in or reply on my bug report.

yes- same issue here. MatrialIcon (MaterialIconBook) in my case downloads according to the workflow, but the cursor stays like the standard select cursor instead of transitioning to a hand.

However, the fix mentioned above by @reger-alexander works in my instance.
(Try to add

.clickable-element {cursor:pointer !important;}

to “Script / meta tags in header” in your settings. )

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