Hover / Pressed condition for mobile UX


Speaking of buttons; what do you use for a hovering effect, i.e. condition - that works also on the mobile devices?

In the best case one condition that works for both, desktop and mobile; e.g. This button is hovered OR This button is pressed > Change button color

Hover part doesn’t work for mobile, but for desktop it does, and would like to find something that works for both.

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Curious in an ideal situation of yours how one would hover on mobile? Most of not all phones are touch now. So, this wouldn’t make sense. I use the pressed if I need an affect on mobile.

One can’t hover on mobile, therefore have “merged” two of conditions into one, the same condition is When hovered OR When pressed, at mobile will be when pressed, whereas and because at desktop one can hover, there is the same effect as one presses, so the feedback is triggered from the hovering to the pressing.

Do you use any Transitions?

Have just figure out why hover/pressed effect weren’t working on mobile, due to large (500) transition delay that when on mobile pressed, it would not even have a chance to make the 500ms delay effect… -.-

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