"Is pressed" condition not working on iPad

I was optimizing our Bubble.io app for different devices and screen sizes when I noticed that the “is pressed” condition is acting differently on iOS and iPadOS. Specifically, there’s no reaction when using this condition and pressing on an element in iPadOS.

For example, we want a button to change colors when it’s being pressed on a touch screen (mobile and tablet), just as we want the button to change colors when hovering on desktop. The “is pressed” condition works as expected on iPhone, but there’s no response when doing the same on an iPad.

However, when there is an “is hovered” condition on the element, on an iPad, that action is triggered after pressing and releasing the element, and it remains that way as if the element is still being hovered by a cursor. The action isn’t triggered while the element is being pressed.

This is screwing up our UX on iPad, especially because we’re using The BDK to create a native app experience. The same issue occurs whether using the The BDK native app or Safari. Any ideas on how to solve it?

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Similar issue here;

Tapping on an element, on a mobile device triggers click. However, on iPad it requires two taps to trigger a click, otherwise remains as hover.

Is this a bubble bug?

did you guys manage to solve this? i tried this on a samsung tablet also and it works perfectly but on an m2 ipad pro it still requires 2 taps in most cases

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No, never found a solution.

I need a solution to this too. Any thoughts from Bubble?

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hello !
Did you have a solution ? me too 2 taps in iPad
Thank you :wink:

Yes, our solution became Progressier. With their plugin, the app starts acting like it does on iPhone.

Try Energizer. You can simulate any workflow trigger or condition with it. Pretty sure I made it work with the native “on pressed” event. I could be wrong however and may need to make sure it is implemented correctly to work with “touch-based” events. Let me know if you have any issues.

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