How can I clone a page with a separate input and table?


Just got started on Bubble this week and this is my first post so apologies if I’ve missed something.

My app

My app has a page where I want users to be able to play a quiz. They are asked a question and what they write is stored beneath in a table. There is just one question per quiz and one answer input. They can come back and answer this question differently and see their past answers.

My issue:

I want to be able to create lots of quiz (one per page). I’ve made the first one.

Is there a way to save this page as a template so I can reuse it?

Currently if I clone the page for the first quiz I made. The the answers are stored the same database globally throughout the app. Is there a way to store answers within each quiz? So each quiz has their own database of answers (the user’s multi line text input).

So for example, if I made a dashboard with all the answers the user had written across all the quiz’s they’d completed, then they could see which quiz (page) they answered it on (if I added a column for that)?

I’m sorry if this is too basic, I’ve been looking around all day and struggling to find a solution.

Essentially, I’m trying to replicate the functionality of one page yet somehow record which page the users input was from. On the quiz page, only answers from that page would show. On the dashboard, all answers would show but it would be clear which page/quiz they were answered on.

Edit: In case it wasn’t clear, I may have 100’s of quizzes so I’m looking for a way to setup my app so I can easily duplicate a blank quiz/page and record that the users input came from that page.

Thank you to anyone who can help

There are many people on this forum who can provide a better answer than I can, but the key is to set up your datatypes and relationships between them correctly from the beginning.

For example, if you have 100’s of quizzes, with users taking multiple quizzes, you will need to have the user datatype with a field for quizzes taken set as a list of quizzes. And set up in the workflows to add the quiz to the user’s list of quizzes taken, when they take it.

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Thanks Robert. I was only going to add a visual clue like a tick next to each quiz to show they’d taken it but this is a really good point. I’ll start playing around with this now.