How can I display a popup and edit data from a responsive group's row?

I have 2 tables, one is Order and the other is Phone Line. The group type of content on the one main group on this page is Order, like shown here:

I then have the repeating group type of content set to Phone Line:

When you click Edit on a line, I want a popup to open where you can edit the details of that Phone Line record, but I’m not sure how to do this:

So similar to the above there. I’m just not sure how to have it that when I click edit, the popup opens but shows the data from that specific line if that makes sense.

I set the popups type of content to Phone Line, and under one of the fields I’m having trouble with what to set the initial content to. Whatever I pick it never populates when I open the popup:

Whenever I click the popup it’s just blank:

Hope that makes sense!

What does your workflow look like currently?

Maybe that’s my problem but it just says when Edit button is clicked, show the Edit Number popup, nothing else.

Got it working!

Can you share how you got it working? Having a similar problem. Thanks!

I can’t say how the OP solved their problem, but take a gander at this: