Creating a Search button

Hi guys, I’m quite new here so I hope this question isn’t too simple!

I’m trying to create a standard search feature where a user will put a search term in, a dropdown allows them to select the option they want, and when they click it, the search box is filled with the book’s title (it uses the books api).

Anyway, I have set up the repeating group and when you search in the input, the results from the api are shown. I have set up the workflow so that when you click on the book, it is populated in the text parent’s cell. This cell and the search input are in the same group.

I essentially want to have the answer populate the Search box. Then if I click on the Search box, it brings the repeating group back up again - exactly like a normal Search such as Google.

Am I missing something really easy here?

Hey @nickhutton13

That might help:

I would suggest trying the search with ‘London’
You would then need to change the Search & Autocorrect data source to ‘Get data from an external API’, choose the Books API and inform your call’s parameters accordingly.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @ambroisedlg,

Thanks so much for getting back to me!

Unfortunately that doesn’t fully solve the issue. The 2 things I need to fix from your issue are:

  1. The result clicked on in the repeating group needs to be displayed in the Search box. So when I click on the dropdown, the text clicked should sit in the Search box, and the repeating group rolls up.
  2. I’d also like the functionality so that you can then click on this result and start searching again. For example, you’ve clicked the wrong repeating group and need to search again.

Is this possible?