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How can I export/save an image for the user?

Hi! I am experimenting with building my first bubble app. The project I am trying to create is a simple meme creator tool.

I have set up a group with a text box and an image uploader inside. Outside the group I have a ‘Save’ button.

I am struggling to find the correct workflow for the button that would generate and export the group as a downloadable image.

Any suggestions?

Is there really no way to export images from bubble?

If you share a link to the editor of your app, or at least some screenshots, it’s easier for other Bubblers to help.

In your case, it sounds like using a link to prompt users to download pictures is the way to go, but again, it’s easier to help in context.

Sry, this is the link to the project:


And to the editor?

Sorry not sure how to share the development link. Where can I find that?

Just the URL of the editor. What we need to know is what you’ve tried, and where to look in your app. Just sharing a link to a page isn’t enough.

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