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Bubble save your own created images

Hi fellow Bubblers,

I’m creating a simple app where users can upload a picture, and then simply fill in an input form.

When they do both, they have a simple background image with a text field on top of that image.

My question is, how can they download that newly created image?

Is there a certain plugin for this? Thanks!

For those wondering as well

I found a great plugin for this:
Group 2 Image

Do you know if the group needs to be visible on the page to be converted to image? Or can a hidden group (i.e not visible on page load) be also converted?

@MindForApps could you please clarify?

Also I need to know if a created image can be directly saved to de DB as a ‘thing’ field, instead of being downloaded. Thanks!

“You need the field “uploadFileToDb” = true and if you do not want to save the file locally, then set the field “No Save Dialog” = true. Thus, the dialog for saving the file locally will not appear, but the file itself will be uploaded to the “Bubble” server and you can get the url of the saved file and then use this link at your discretion.” - plugin author.

Regarding your first question, I’ve no idea. But I can image you can test this out yourself pretty easily?