How can I integrate google calendar scheduling into my app?

I have an app that uses the calendly plugin which signals when a booking is made, so i can then run a workflow after this. I am now integrating google calendars new scheduling feature which is similar to calendly. I want to allow users to book into another users google calendar, and once the booking is made I want to run a workflow. I tried to use a html element but there is no way of knowing when the booking is made, so that can not be used, and that also requires a user to get the embed code.

I want a user A to be able to simply provide their shareable link for google calendar scheduling, and then I want user B to be able to go to a page that loads user A’s google calendar availability so that they can book in a time slot, and then once this is done I want it to somehow signal that so I can run a workflow. How can I do this? Thanks.