How can I integrate Zoho social in my page to users individually?

Hi there, I want to have my customer schedule their social media posts as a feature in my site. I am interested in integrating Zoho Social. How do I make the user automatically signed up for their own individual account when they signed up on my site. For example, they sign up at and automatically signed up on . And every time they logged into they will automatically be logged into their respective zoho account. Also, how do I integrate the data from Zoho so the users can view and edit their own data in my site? Thank you in advanced!

You’ll have to create a connection via the Zoho API. In Bubble, you can use the plugin ‘API Connector’ created by Bubble to bridge that connection.

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Thank you so much! May I know if it will work the same if I Use Zapier/Make instead?

You can still use those products, though they’re pricey (especially Zapier)…

For Zapier, there’s a native integration you can use from Bubble. For Make, you’ll need to connect your Bubble account to it in order to start using the functions you’re looking for. All very doable though.

Thank you very much!