Let Users Connect Their Own Zapier-Account

Today we can already automate a lot in the no-code space. Thanks to Integromat and Zapier we can integrate thousand’s of apps.

However, the real breakthrough happens when our users can connect their own Zapier/Integromat with our No-code applications.

Is there a way we can do this already using e.g. Webhooks? Or is there a certain plugin or 3rd party to handle this?

This would be very powerful.

Thanks in advance!

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You can absolutely do this (we do it a ton). If using zapier (the process is generally the same across the board), install the Bubble API plugin, and then set up the zap either beginning (if sending info from Bubble) or end (if sending data to Bubble).

Awesome, thanks for the response!

Do we have to create a new API connection for every new client? Or is this a set and forget so that users can simply add their own Zapier account themself?