Possibilities for app integrations and API

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I recently joined bubble and I’m still having a look into what is possible in bubble. There are lot’s of videos and topics on here, but unfortunately none of them have answered my question. So here I am.
I believe that integrations are a big part of any app nowadays, and I want to build app that supports customer integrations. There are lots of APIs available but only for me, as a admin.

  • What if I want to integrate let’s say to Meta Bussines Account?
  • This integrations will allow customers to login into their own account and manage their posts and ads on my app/platform, is this even possible? (Content creator platform)
  • Also, what if I want to integrate with Zapier? This feature is not for me, but for my customers?
  • Can I make my own API? So the customer can take this API into their own website and allow me real time data flow to make customer experience good.

Maybe this will clarify better my app idea. Through Wix (website builder) I can login into Meta business and make posts for instagram and facebook right from Wix. Or let’s say Printify integrates directly to 3rd party (eg. Wix, Shopify) and allow real time data flow, so the products will automatically appear on customer Shopify account.
Basically hundreds of seperate API logins for each customer that have signed up on my app.

Thanks for your help. Appriciate it!

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Then you can do it.


Of course.