How can I make 'fixed number of cells' layout Repeating Group responsive?

Hello Guys,

I have an issue with showing ‘Fixed Number of Cell’ layout in responsive design since this layout is used to add pagination on the page. So I can not use Full List or Vertical Scrolling, therefore please suggest me any idea to show the Fixed Number of Cell Layout in responsive mode, when number of rows in the repeating group is dynamic.

I do not want to show the blank space in repeating group after the item has been searched and results are returned which can be less than the rows inside the fixed number of cells.

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Already tried something like this?

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Yes, I have also tried this as well. Somehow, I fixed this problem.

Thank you for response :slight_smile:

How did you fix the problem? Please share screen shots of any workflows, conditionals etc. that helped you achieve the desired outcome…any ability to share a working editor would be much appreciated as well


Unfortunately, I forgot what I have done to solved this. This is 9 months ago I have been posted it.