How can I remove function code at the top of every page

I started my new app and am currently running and testing it in a private mode.
But the following snippet code is being displayed at the top of every page I navigate.
How can I remove this? Thanks in advance for your help!

What Wasabi plugin are you using? Looks like a plugin is adding that in.

That was the culprit!
At the beginning, I enabled several plug-ins by default and Wasabi was one of them.
After uninstalling it, the code went away… Hooray.

Thanks for the quick reply. Now I can resume coding^^

Yea, or no-coding :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Which Wasabi plugin was it out of curiosity?

LCoding… :laughing: that is…

It was just a boiler plate Wasabi plug-in off the plug-in selections provided by default when you first beging the development. fyi, I didn’t integrate anything with the plug-in. Simply uninstalling it solve the issue.

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