How Can I replicate this (Excel) in Bubble?

Hi, Bubblers!

I’ve been driving myself crazy over the past few days trying to work out how I can best replicate an Excel spreadsheet I currently manage in Bubble. Essentially the information I capture is as follows;

I need to perform calculations on the contract fee, splitting it across various departments as well as months in which the work will be done. I also need to be able to report on each individual heading…(ie. how much can we expect from Department A this month).

I currently do this in Excel (with help from Alteryx) but it’s very manual, and there are lots of opportunities to make improvements to the process through automation.

I’m completely new to Bubble so I am not sure if this is even possible, but I appreciate any help.


The short answer is yes you can.

There are a number of ways to structure it based on what you are trying to do. The simplest way is to have the fields autobinding to the database. If you are doing calculations, you’ll need to consider if you need to save these back to the database with a workflow (input change), or if they can just be re-calculated on screen.

If you ever need to get the data out of your page, you will need to do the calculations and then save them to your database. Doing calculations on screen is great if the users don’t need it in hand, but if you want to do anything like outside of your interface, say generate a PDF, it’s a lot simpler when doing it from a database.

To answer your question: yes, it is totally doable.

You could utilize the workflow “when input is changed” to run your calculations every time something is changed.

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