How can I reverse a list in repeating groups

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So I was making a recently viewed function to my app, where the use will have a “Recently Viewed” Field in the user data type, so I made it a list. As we know lists in Bubble fill in from the end, but in a recently viewed function I need that to be reversed, at least in the repeating group (The repeating group will be limited to 8) so no more than 8 can display.
Any idea on how I can do so?

Hmm :thinking:

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, there are probably a few different ways to do this. This is just the first idea that popped into my mind.

Hope that helps. :blush:

Not exactly what I’m looking for, but looks useful so thanks :grin:.
What I’m looking for is a sorting method

as you can see here this plug in flips everything around so it will be weird for it to be filled reversivly.

What I meant by “Filled Reversivly” is that if I only have visted 6 sites in here you will see two empty spaces which are normally the last two, but using this plug in it’s the first two on the right, so “omar” and “sonic” in this case

Well, :thinking:

Another option could be display a list of numbers for the repeating group data source and then just choose your data source item # current cells number.

Does that make sense? Would that work for your needs? It makes it pretty flexible to display in whatever order you choose. :man_shrugging:t2:

Just another option. There are probably other options too.

Well I’m not sure I’m getting that correctly😅.
So what you’re basically saying is that I need to mark each cell with a number? Or add another field and fill it with numbers, so I can use it for sorting? Also, if you’re talking about the first, how am I gonna use it to sort my RG? I would really appreciate further explination : )

Reversing a list is a common and basic use case for my List Shifter plugin.

(Though note that the early intro videos don’t discuss the Initialized/Updated event, which you must wait for before firing actions at List Shifter—a feature that was added later. But to use List Shifter as a passive list reverser, just feed it your desired list as “List to Shift” and select the “Reverse” option. Upon becoming Initialized, your reversed list is available at List Shifter’s Shifted List exposed state. If your list expression is a Search, the output(s) dynamically updates if the results of the Search change.)

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Wow thanks it worked

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