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Hello everybody,
I have created a chat using a repeating group.
When I press the send message button, i have included in the workflow the Scroll to the last message of the repeating group. Everything works fine, however the scroll happens only on the device i am currently pressing the button.
How can i force the scroll to the last item also to the other Device , ( which will be the user receiving the msg) ?
I have tried using the workflow "Do every seconds " with a condition, but it doesnt seem to work.
Any suggests?

Have you tried using this plugin instead:

I don’t think you need to do ‘scroll to’ if you reverse the repeating group using this plugin.

Let me know if that works. :blush:

I am gonna try now, I wil llet you know. What btw do u mean by reversing the repeating group?


What I mean is that instead of starting at the top and displaying down, the plugin lets you start the repeating group at the bottom and display the cells going up. Does that make sense? That means you don’t need to scroll to the bottom to get the most recent cell, it should be the first one in the list at the bottom.

I see, but I was trying to do it with the last cell at the bottom.
Just out of curiosity , If I have a condition on an element, and I trigger the condition with a press of a button, I have the change that I was expecting to have. But does it happen only on the device im using? Doesnt change automatically on every single device that are on the same page?
I.e i press a button, changes the state, the icon changes color… But that change of color happens only on the device where im pressing the button. On the other device, same page, doesnt do anything. isthat normal?

:blush: That is normal, yes. If you want something to happen on someone else’s screen, you would have to save something to the database to trigger it. Then base the workflow action off of that. Does that make sense?

apologise for the delay. yes it does thank you, infact i solved the problem creating a variable in the database.

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