Need help with RepeatingGroup to Chat (Reverse RG) Plugin

I’m making a chat module using the RepeatingGroup to Chat (Reverse RG) plugin by .

The chat appears correctly with the last message at the bottom of the repeating group on page load and the user will need to scroll up to view previous messages (as expected).

However, we also have a button that allows the user to scroll to the most recent message of the repeating group (using the workflow step Scroll to entry of RepeatingGroup). Instead of scrolling to the most recent message, this just scroll the user up the repeating group and load more history messages until it reaches the last message.

Please send help. :pray:

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Try the following one please.





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Thank you for this! This definitely solves our “Scroll to last message” issue.

I wanted to follow up and ask if there could be a way to make the plugin work with the “Scroll to Entry of RepeatingGroup” workflow?

We wanted to also give our users the affordance to scroll to latest attachment (since our users transact by sending quotes, etc via the messaging system).

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not sure about that
the plugin inverses the elements via CSS, so the Scroll to Entry of RepeatingGroup isn’t working as expected

That’s why the following script may help:

$("#rg1").scrollTop($("#rg1")[0].scrollHeight * -1);

  • rg1 - should be the ID of your RepeatingGroup, so you need to replace rg1 with your value
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