How can I Run a specific amount of Workflows on list

Hello Bubblers!

I am trying to run specific amounts of backend workflows on specific list items, but not sure how to set this up!

Here’s how it works:

User inputs a number, let’s say 10, the goal is to use 70% of that number, 7. Which means we would run a backend workflow on only 7 items of the list. This list can have hundreds of items and it would run on 7 random items of that list of 100.

What could be a good way to undertake this?

Recursive workflow (where the workflow schedules itself at the end) with a number parameter, and every time it schedules itself it subtracts 1, and it has a condition it only schedules itself if the number is > 0 so it stops when it hits the last cycle.


This is genius! Let me test this out

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This EXACTLY work! Thank you very much

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Oops I didn’t see your part about random items and only processing X of 100 items but hopefully you figured that out :laughing:

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