Can't understood how I should share and edit data from pop

I write a simple web were I should write some text, save it and it displays in repeating group in format: User “user email who create it” add text: “text from input” .

After for instance I want to delete or edit cell in pop up that opens after I click on Icon “pencil”.

• First problem: In pop up I want to display current cell’s text, but he is not.

• Second: When I write new text in field and click “save”, nothing happens

And also I can’t delete, because I don’t know how refer to cell’s data…
Video (clickable)

Within your popup, you have set the data type to “MyText”, but it doesn’t look like you are passing the data to the popup.

Within your edit pencil button workflow, after showing the popup you should then use this workflow action:
And send the current MyText from your repeating group.

Within your popup, you should then refer to “Parent Groups MyText” to get the current value.

When a user hits the save button, it should then make changes to a thing (parent groups MyText).

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Thank you! I’m just new here, so can be wrong in a lot of things :slight_smile:

No worries, welcome to the Bubble community!

Glad it is all working :slight_smile: