How can I show postal code and city name dynamically

I want to show postal code and city based on user input ?how could I achieve that !anyone please help me

Do you have an input element on the page to let the user add their postal code and city?

If so, just have a text element use a dynamic expression that is the inputs value.

If not, how do you want to capture that data?

I have an input field on my page the thing I want is to get the postal code and city name by using any external api or anything I just don’t know how ! .when I get those data I want to save into database and then I can show to on my page .I’m fairly new to using bubble .could you tell how can I achieve this .

Basically like this I want to achieve where ES means the country name 22415 the postal code

This is a widely used api > You can use Bubble’s api connector plugin for this.

Once you have the data in, it is a matter of building the expression to display the combination of short letters and postcode that you want.

This video is a good place to start…walks through process easily

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Thank you guys for finally i have found one api where i can get postal code and country name and others useful things .

now here comes my question how could i extract specific data from this api ?

i have been trying to get all the data like this but i couldn’t get it .It shows nothing on the page?please help

Hey there,

Can you tell what´s the API?

I´ve been trying to auto-populate province and city based on postal code with no luck at the moment.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Yes sure here is the link

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@cmarchan I have tried with this api but the data I’m looking for are not sufficient for me because there is missing postal code of every city

I am sure that if you research you will find an API that provides your requirement.

Here a plugin that perhaps could help?

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