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How can i switch to mobile version of the app?

How can I switch to mobile version version of my page?

I am having a panic attack pls help

I have almost completed the functionality and design in desktop mode

But while editing I haven’t touched the responsive for my pages

Now everything looks bizarre in a mobile version.
Pls can anyone give me an idea how to work it out cause I don’t want destroy my existing pages

I have looked and we can clone a page and set it mobile version

But how will it get switch when i am in mobile
Should we have to set both pages to mobile version
Is there any conditions statement to attain that?


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I am just curious

So what is the purpose of mobile version option in the property editer

If we didn’t set that up what happens?


It sets the page in a way that inputs and other elements behave for optimal mobile use. Like when you tap onto an dropdown element and an iOS type of mobile menu shows you options.

The engine has evolved over the years to a point in which this happens pretty much in all the UI elements without having to activate this setting.

This is also used mainly when an app is designed as a single page app (designed with the UI of a native app) so that it can be wrapped to be published in the app stores.

Thank you for sharing this valuable insights

One last thing

What is the width limit for mobile version?

At what width of the mobile does it switch from desktop view to the clone page view

Will it work for tabs?

Explore what breakpoints are (in web development that is). Diff apps build diff breakpoints for their users.

The long video covers this fairly well :+1:t2:

Best of luck with your project! :grinning:

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