How can set a type form in bubble app where i want the responses of the typeform to be saved in bubble database

Can anyone pls help me how to set Typeform in bubble app

Pls walk me through step by step process to set type form in my app

I tried searching out but couldn’t find anything
Do i need to link zapier inorder to make this happen
Is there any other way to link typeform.

Have you considered building the form in your app instead of trying to link-in typeform?

Are you looking for some one on one coaching or some forum help?

Yes i have build the form using inputs
but I want the type form instead of default form filling
so can you pls help me how can I set that up what are the step by process to achieve

Sorry. Not sure what you mean by

Do you want the form to be filled out automatically?

Sorry , I mean like

I am currently working on job board site in bubble
And when an employer wants to post a job I want the employer to have the typeform that I made ( like how can I integrate typeform with bubble)
And also I want the typeform responses to be saved in my datbase to access

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