How can you tell what Undo is going to Undo?

Hi Bubblers,

The Bubble Undo is about the scariest thing about the platform but i am faced with a major backtrack because of the bug outlined in my last post.

I am hoping (but not expecting) that someone can tell me that there is a way to know what that stupid undo button is actually undoing ?



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If you are faced with a major backtrack, don’t use the undo button… revert your app to the point in time before the issue occurred that is causing the backtrack.

Oh, and it has been brought up many times that the undo button needs a history associated with it, so no need to rant about that. You can find the idea on the ideaboard and upvote it if you’d like.

Thanks @mikeloc I was fast coming to the same conclusion. Almost a full day of work lost! I will make a point of doing back ups every two hours going forward.

Is the fact that the copy becomes the original when you copy a data type a known bug as well? It is a killer!

I saw your other post, and I have never seen that one come up before. I’m guessing it’s just one of those it is what it is type of things, but it couldn’t hurt to file a bug report (you could just link them to the other thread in the report) to see what support says.

I will do that once I come up for air. :slight_smile:

Funny how there’s no air to take a minute or two to write a bug report (especially when you can link it to a forum thread), but there seems to be no shortage of air to write bugs/questions in the forum (you’ve posted three topics in the past few hours). No worries, though, I get it… the air is so much sweeter out here in the forum. :slight_smile: