UNDO bug: you’re sure you’ve made changes, but it’s all gone? 🟠

Sometimes you’re sure you’ve made changes, but it’s all gone? Well, here’s why.

UNDO steps CAN deletes elements from your page without doing the undo action! :orange_circle:

If you’re like me, you open multiple editor sessions of Bubble on different pages of your browser. Keep in mind that with each new page you open you keep the UNDO/REDO history of the previous page up to 50 steps. WARNING you can erase your first page by doing UNDO with the second page and lose all your changes. I experienced this yesterday without realizing it. Often we do UNDO on our pages to go back. The UNDO is sometimes slower, so we press several times. Bubble needs to give us some references (a counter for example). @bubble

Solution: REDO as fast as you can!

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 8.23.24 AM

Hope it help others to save hundred of hours.

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Part II: How to install a UNDO REDO meter? Does anyone have an idea?

Yes. I always tell my clients to be very careful with the undo button. It’s easy to delete something on accident. Really wish we could see a history of the changes so we can see what we are undoing.

Another example, you delete a data field. Then you press undo. It doesn’t do anything, so you just restore it. Now if you don’t click redo. That means you undid something and might not know it. Especially if it doesn’t cause an error.


I have been down this rabbit hole so many times … you are absolutely right @J805 :+1:t2:


Happy to see there’s almost no one getting the undo bug. :sunglasses: