How can you validate a Url parameter from data stored in Bubble?

Hi, I have this Url with the parameter of SKU stored in my database.

How can I create a condition which shows an alert if the SKU parameter received from the Url is not found in the bubble database?

I have tried using Search for data:count = 0 but the count is still 0 even when I test it with the value stored in the url being included the database.

The “URL” is not saved in your database. But there is some data type (“Thing” in Bubble parlance) in your database that has a field on it named SKU. Search for those Things whose SKU is “foo”. If no Thing exists whose SKU is “foo”, the resultant search will have no items (the :count of that list will be zero).

Yes I should’ve been clearer. SKU is saved in the database.

The issue I am having is that I am receiving a count of zero even when the SKU should be found in the database.

This is what I had entered for the “code”

Privacy rules being an issue?

What are your search constraints?

Thanks. It was a privacy issue.

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