How to make a PopUp to show just once, with a workflow or api workflow?

I am in love with Bubble and I greatly appreciate the information I found in the forum, but a time has come when I am blocked with a step in my job app.

In my job app I have two kinds of users (clients and workers), and a different dashboard for these.

After the Client creates a thing called “Need” i want to be able to show just once (in the worker dashboard) a pop up card with the info about that Need, based on the postal code, category of work, and city.

Right now i am able to show the pop up, but i can’t make it work just once. Maybe someone know how can i resolve this with an example of a api workflow. Thank you

Hi @dan25 - you could add a Data Field in “Need” called “Seen By” which is a List of Users.

When the popup opens for a particular User, add that User to “Seen By”. You could use the step when a popup is opened (see image below)

Have a conditional in the Workflow step where the popup opens. It would be if Current User is not in “Seen By”, then show the popup (if Current User is in “Seen By” then the Workflow step won’t execute, ie open the popup)

Make sense?

Shared some thoughts on a fairly similar post yesterday. Take a look here:

Hello @nikolai , since you answered me I tried to do the workflow but something fails me.

I have created the “Seen by” (list of users) in the Need thing.
The question is that I can make the pop up appear in the worker’s dashboard but I can not make it disappear when i clicked X, because once the page loads, it appears again with the same “need” created by the client. I show you the captures of the workflows. Any insights? Thank you :grinning:

Thank you @dan1 , the info is very helpful. I think I’m facing a slightly “different” problem because i want to show a popup with “Needs” (jobs) created, like recurring events. Thank you :grinning:

The simple solution is to have a data update that happens either a) when the popup is shown or b) when the message is acknowledged/acted upon.

For example, when the change is made, you update a corresponding list to include that user. Or you update a boolean (yes / no) field on the user that effects whether the popup should be shown.

hi @dan25 - I’m travelling so here’s quick reply. There are two things you need to do;

1)Change this Search. Change Only when “Search for Need’s Seen by doesn’t contain Current User” to "Search for Need’s: count>0

2)In your popup, you need to do a search for Need (with a criteria to pick the right client)


It’s working but just with the first “Need” created. After that, even i refreshed the page i can´t get the pop up to show another “Need” based on that constraints.

Also with the first Need I see that is necessary to refresh the page, otherwise the Need will not pop up in the worker dashboard.


In the search for Needs, you’ll need to add a criteria to search for the Need created by a specific Client. So if you have 3 clients Joe, Bob and Sue, you’ll have three Needs in your database. If Joe, Bob and Sue create their own Need then you can use “created by” in your search criteria. If you’re creating Needs for the clients, then you need to add a data field called “Client” (or whatever) and enter their name in one of the corresponding Need

Similarly with the Workers, you want to make sure that you’re updating the correct “Seen by” in the right Need instance. So if Mary is a Worker and Joe is the Client, you want to make sure you update the “Seen by” in Joe’s instance of Need. Make sense?

Not being familiar with your app, for your search using Postal Code and Categoria - that search will resolve to find only one Client, right? If not then you’ll have multiple client “hits” and therefore multiple Needs

The thing is that every Client can create a NEED (aka job) and i want to display that Need in a pop up for ther worker, if they match the Category (Categoría) and the Postal Code. And until now i can make to appear just one NEED but no other others Needs. I am stuck and this step.

The search will resolve to find all the workers who match the Category and Postal Code.

Thank you for help

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