Tips for learning quickly!

Hello everyone, new to Bubble - just started learning about 4 weeks ago. Any tips for developing skill with Bubble quickly? Any tips for new learners?

Any wisdom you have would be greatly appreciated!

Just build something

My first app I built once, learned, rebuilt, learned, and completed after three attempts and learning a lot in the process.

Don’t build THE app that you want to build first - save it for when you’re skilled and start with easy projects, idea


This forum is a fantastic fountain of tips and tricks. Anytime you bump into an issue, search here.

Try to change the way you think. When I first started I kept trying to use Bubble to work the way I thought. Turns out, it ‘thinks’ differently. It was useful for me to learn about the JavaScript event loop and how it affects the order of operations.


Just start building! This forum, and YouTube are your best friends. I’ve been building with Bubble for 2 years now, and you just have to get started. Along the way, you learn new things that, in retrospect, you might have wanted to do differently in your app. And that’s how you get better. Pretty much everything I’ve encountered over the past few years can be found online as information. Don’t give up, because it’s all really possible :slight_smile:


Idk if you already know that, but things that opened the possibilities I can do:

  • states (essential)
  • database fields that relate to other database fields
  • understanding the difference between group and repeating group (I used to use a repeating group instead of a group because I didn’t know that I could put :first item for the Data source)

You have to try something before trying to rely on the others,
Gain some strength and jump into the Bubble world,
It is beautiful