How distribute data to multiple actions in a server workflow

Reveal things to workflow

Now you can get a thing (db object) or list of things to show to the other actions in a workflow and avoid multiple db queries.

A typical use
In the workflow, you might happen to use, store, or modify the same object or list of objects in various actions. To avoid running (then rewriting and re-loading) the search for the same object or list of objects from the database each time, you run only this action, which will make available, to the other actions, the result by its return value.

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So, like why would I not use a custom state for that? (In server-side land, there is not the concept of a custom state, so that’s why I built (the trivial) FLOW State SSAs in my List Popper and Friends plugin - it’s free, as well.) But in client-side land, there’s no need for this because we already have workflow-independent storage (via custom states).

I think it’s awesome when folks start building plugins, but not all of them deserve a plug.

ALSO, this plugin literally does nothing but echo the input to the output. That’s sort of what Flow State does, but at least in the case of lists it fetches the list values.

Nobody should use this. They should store local values in custom states. Just sayin’.

Dear @keith,
you obviously haven’t tried the plugin,

actually my plugin does not act in client-side but in server-side!

I am very glad that you made a plugin similar to mine, however, before you discount mine, you should know what you are talking about. :wink:

Hope to hear from you again soon for upcoming plugins, but first, try them out, though!!!