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How do I access file manager

how do I access the file manager to use a repeating image group to display them or would I want to use an external api or what would be the best way of doing that if I want to upload like 15 items

Hi there @silvianoea10,

I’m not super clear on what you’re asking. Are you asking how you can access your file manager for the things uploaded to your Bubble app? If so, there is a file manager tab under 'Data" in the editor.

You would need to build a preview in to your repeating group. Something to think about is what formats are supported, as each filetype will have different requirements and possibly a plugin.

JPG/TIFF/PNG should be supported with bubble image viewer.
MOV will need a video player
PDF will need a plugin
AI, PSD etc will need a plugin, not sure if one exists

The list goes on.

@johnny i mean how do i access it thought a repeating image group if all i have is images i want each image to be displayed by its upload date. How do i display the images from the file manager ?

You can’t just upload files, you have to create a datatype and have record in that data type where records have image fields. Then, you add an image element to the repeating group, it will apply to all cells for as many records that you created.

Then, associate the repeating group to the new data type, and associate the image itself to the current cells image field.

This is Bubble 101. Check out Bubble’s “building your first app” tutorial series on youtube.