How do I build this app really quickly

What is the quickest way to get something that looks like this up and running ?

Template? Open build ? Something in Figma and import ? Something else?

Don’t have the time or the skills to build it from a blank page.

It is just two pages, one is some embeded HTML, the other is a directory listing (plus some simple menu stuff).

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If I had to build this, I would use Canvas by Airdev.

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This can be done in 1-2 days using nothing. I recommend not using any template because you will spend more time finding how it’s built than building that :joy:


I agree with @yusaney1. For the front end you’ll only need.

  1. A Header group element
  2. The native bubble mobile menu element
  3. Native Bubble search element
  4. A repeating group displaying your dataset
  5. Footer group element with two native icons for navigation
  6. Bubble’s google map element

Depending on what you need to happen behind the scenes, it’s a very quick build. I don’t think you’ll find a template that will do what you need on the backend anyway. And like @yusaney1 says, you’ll like end up spending more time wrangling the template than you would building it.
But if you find a solid template that does it all for you… that sure ain’t a bad idea either :slight_smile:

Edit: if it’s for a mobile app, then I would just run it through BDK Native or something when done.

This literally looks like an app build by glide. I wonder if it would take 10 minutes to build it on their. Let me know what route you decide to go. Curious if anyone has tried this way yet.


Hope that helps! :blush:


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It literally IS a glide app :slight_smile:

Two problems :-1:

  • The iFrame doesn’t work on iOS 13 and below. Currently with their tech support.
  • Can’t do a popup to confirm user is happy with cookies (needed for Google Analytics in the EU)

Good call on Canvas :+1:

See what people are saying about templates. A really simple mobile one with just the tab nav would be handy.

Interesting. I knew it looked familiar. Haha. Glad I’m not going crazy. :blush:

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Canvas - desktop focused - am looking for a PWA. Quite complicated out of the box.

Openbuild - no templates for the page setup but would be nice if you had a starter page.

Template - I used the Mobile App UI Pack but as mentioned, you have to do a lot of fiddling if you want to change it. So delete a Tab option and lots of errors appear. If you are fairly familiar with Bubble then this is OK. Looks very good but maybe too many widgets for a basic page. The notifications are great, but don’t need the filters and darkmode etc.

Build it from Scratch - I wouldn’t know where to start with a mobile first ! And by that I mean how to even set up the page. Plus I would have to do the Styles which I find hard.

What would have been good (and I would have paid for) is a template for the basic tab nav bar / hamburger menu. And then that duplicated for 2 / 3 / 4 tabs. Basic notification function.

We’ll have a mobile first page in the openBuild template. Maybe that’s something that could foresee in your needs? Next week we’ll finish QA on the template and we are set for marketplace submission on Friday :crossed_fingers:

openBase (5)


I did a super quick mock up for you, maybe it can help get you started thinking about how to build it. Bare in mind, I built this in like 30min, so it’s not great :wink:

But spending another couple of hours on it, I think you should be able to have something decent going for your project.

You could just hook up the search element to the repeating group. There’s a few different ways of doing it. I would suggest using this method

I had no idea how or what you’re intending to display on the subpages, so I just made a modal, since it would make it feel more like a native app if you’re intending to wrap it with something like BDK Native. Tip: I would build out that modal with some quick code, removing scroll on the page when modal is open (that way only elements inside the modal will scroll), and I would add a state that holds the current scrolling position when you click a RG’s cell. And when you close the modal it goes to that location again, just for better UX.

I added a quick slide down for filtering options, also really easy to hook up stuff like that to the RG if you feel like it.

Open this link on your phone to see what it would look like

And here’s the editor for you to poke around


Looks gorgeous !

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Well, glide was the one for now.

getbeecard dot com

The majority of the build is in the backend and includes Typeform/Airtable/Zapier/Integromat/Parabola and Xero for accounting.

Staggeringly hard to rapidly build a good looking three tab mobile app. Well, effectively two.

Page 1) iframe in the gift card buy page
Page 2) List out some activities based on geolocation

Stage two is to build the supplier portal and for that I am back in the land of Bubble and using OpenBase/Build.

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Looks good! Curious as to why you needed both Zapier, Integromat and Parabola? They do have a lot of overlaps imho (my preferred is Integromat though…)

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Frustrating edge cases sadly.

I am a long term Zapier user, so didn’t need to pay extra to start with. That handles the transactional side - card redeemed > post accounting entries into Xero. etc

Parabola is much more batch oriented, so handles the creation of the listing database on a daily basis. Tidies up some formattting issues, reformats fields, removes crud. It runs on an input csv on a daily basis.

However Parabola is quite poor at actually getting the csv into the flow in the first place. They say “yeah we do that” and then they actually don’t. There are unpublished limits (very low) and it doesn’t give you an error it just doesn’t work.

It also fails to properly handle basic auth despite saying that they do. That is what Integromat is used for - downloading a csv file hosted on another website. Then copying it as a Google sheet to our Drive so that Parabola can work on it.

I started to look at moving everything off Zapier, as I like Integromat a lot, but found the Typeform integration to be quite poor.

Zapier is great, but just not suited to multiple, complex, integrations. You can’t copy flows or steps. The branching is a clumsy compared to Integromat. And breaking EVERYTHING if you change a field on a Typeform … is frustrating.

tl;dr - Primarily Zapier. Parabola does bulk stuff. I use Integromat as I needed something quickly.

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