Creating a mobile app

Hello everyone. I’ve joined a few months ago and now I’m willing to focus on a new app development. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me advice for these two issues please:

  1. Should I create all the app on a single page, or could I use multiple pages? I just need 5 pages in total, each one for a section of the app menu. Joining them all in one can be really a mess for developing it, but I’ve read it can make my app slower having different pages, is that true or does it really affect?

I’m willing to create an app focused on the customer, so if that’s true, I prefer to start again rather than developing it inneficienctly.

  1. The app I’m developing is a calendar app, with much more functionalities than other calendars, but I’ve tried to filter events, reminders and tasks for a specific date, but haven’t seen how. All data is displayed in a repeating group, inside another group. So, how could I make it to change the data shown on the repeating group, based on a date filter?

Thank you to all of those who are willing to give their time by responding to other’s people questions and helping the no-code community grow.

HI @alejandrojordan7499

  1. If you plan to make your app a native app then you would need to build it as a single page. With more experience using Bubble you will have lots of fun with it. I recommend you take lessons, get a coach or join a build camp to accelerate your learning.

  2. Date math in general is challenging in any programming language. One way to learn how other Bubblers are tackling calendar-type apps is to study templates. You can learn/study how a template’s author approached their build. Below a pretty interesting app by a frequent contributor to this forum @boston85719 .

  3. I also provide you with two great options to take your app native once you have it ready.

Best of luck with your project!


That’s a great answer, I really appreciate the time you have dedicated to it.

I’ve just found a free template which looks nice and with many things I want in my app. By the way, it’s designed for computer screen. Is there any way, to adapt my platform to app once it’s created?
I mean, can I make the changes I want from that template, as also expand the funcionalities and make it work, and once is fully working on website, turn it into an app, compatible with the one on the website?
Just as Netflix, which provides you the ability to use their service searching on the google browser or as an app. I’m willing to do that, so if I do develop it as a first for computer, is it possible to after make it as an app, by changing some front end designs? I mean, I can not put everything visible on a computer screen in a mobile screen as the same or it will not work properly.

I don’t know if I explaining good myself hahaaha, sorry for that. Would appreciate if you or someone could help me to understand this question please. I’ve found a great template to start working from, but I’m afraid to once is finished, not being able to adapt it properly to a mobile app.

Yes you can always add pages to your app and design the UI and its size to your preference.

As an example this is one of my projects. The desktop view is designed for desktop and the mobile one is designed as a mobile app. If I wanted, I could always add more desktop pages and/or mobile pages. Everything would work as a platform using the same database.

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Once again, so many thanks for helping me. I’m more motivated and going to create a great productivity platform :slight_smile:

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Dear community,
I would appreciate it if someone could help me with the following issue, please. it’s important to keep developing the app.

Is there any plugin or way to create a date/time picker just as the one used in Google Calendar?

I’m adding a screenshot about how it is actually looking, where the dropdown doesn’t have a nice front-end and doesn’t allow to add a start time and end time for an event inside the same day (input), as also doesn’t allow users to specify a concrete minute, forcing them to choose the start hour-minute, in intervals. Can’t use that to offer a unique experience.

I would need one unique input, to select the date and the start hour and end hour for an event.
The one from bubble makes me put to inputs for the start date and the end date, when in other calendars it’s visible in just one.

I’m actually also working with the plugin Air Date/time picker, but in this case, doesn’t allow me to allow the user to also set a start hour and end hour in the same input.
Is there any way to put a date and time picker (with the time having a starting hour and an ending hour and having also the possibility to just insert a start hour, for other object fields)?

It would be very helpful please, I’m really going crazy about this issue :grinning: