Building a marketplace mobile app

Hi there. I would like to build a marketplace mobile app similar to AirBnB. I know it’s possible to create an Airbnb website using bubble as I’ve watched all the tutorials on how to create one here However, I would like to know if it would be possible to build such a complex hybrid mobile app?

And do I have to stick to a single page and only use groups when developing for mobile? Even if I plan on wrapping the mobile site with GoNative or Phonegap?

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I have less experience with Mobile Apps than some other users, but I am confident you could do this.

And you are correct you will need to use a single page with many hidden groups and then use a wrapper (at least last I checked)

Geoff | Wolfer Tech
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This is definitely possible. Also, you are free to use multiple pages inside of any native wrapper (you don’t need to have a single page, that is only for testing on the Bubble-branded iOS app). The limits of your native experience depend on how good you are at native development (someone built an amazing demo of a Bubble app using Swift), or how much money you want to shell out (GoNative, etc.).

I’ve got a very involved hybrid app I’m nearing the finish line on, and the only limitation is speed (it is rather slow, which is expected for any webview). Honestly, the sky is the limit.