Trouble Renaming pages

I have bought a template and I’m having trouble renaming my pages, please help

Hey @lehlomelaphakisi

Just double click outside your page area and change the name to whatever you want at the top of the config panel

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i have tried but it keeps changing back to its original name

after doing that it doesnt rename them on my pages menu

@lehlomelaphakisi make sure you edit the name at the very top of the config panel. In the example below, you should edit ‘date-pickers’, not ‘Your Bubble app’


i have tried multiple times

I am having exactly the same problem. Is this a known issue?
I am definitely changing the page name by editing ‘date-pickers’ as in the example above, but the change does not stick.

Could you solve this? I am having the same problem.

@emmanuel can you help? I changed the name of a page, but sometimes, when testing and reloading the page, the browser calls the old name…do you know why?