How do i convert a list of text to simple plain text in js

Hello everyone. I have a repeating group, which loads a list of X. This X type, has a field called messages. I am trying to load these messages which is itself a list of texts, into a variable as a simple string when this repeating group is clicked in the worfklow. I have been trying to do it for the past 5-6 hours now, but i made absolutely no progress. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

Do a search for {{data}} format as text >>> Display line item text. Formatting a list as text will allow you to display it as a string value.

On the top of my head though as I’m currently on my mobile phone.

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Hi @nocodeventure. Thanks for the quick reply. However, I am not sure what to put inside the field Content to show per list item(Display line item text). It seems to work, when I put messages:first-item. It doesn’t throw an error. But I want all the messages texts, and not only the first item. Any idea how do i do that?

Hi @hiransarkar09,

if I understand correctly you have this db structure:

and when you click on the current RG item, you need to add messages from one RG item into variable, correct?

I think you have 2 choises:

  1. use our plugin for storing list of texts:
  2. use this:


Hi @Innovatee Thanks for the reply. I figured it out last night. For the people, who might face issues trying to convert a bubble list of things to simple plain text.

I used this (backtics)

x = `Current cell's X's Messages`

I am not sure if this is the best approach, but for now I will be going with this. If anyone has a better alternative, i would love to hear it.

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