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How to delete expressions from a group of expressions?

Hello folks,

Build your app in time-saving way. The reason I used the “:formatted as” operator in this image was to trigger the same workflows with different parameters.


Bubbler’s usually set up a structure similar to the one below when more than one parameter is used. Of course, it’s not wrong. What if you no longer need one of the first or middle parameters?


If you delete the first parameter, all the expressions are deleted, if you delete the middle one, its structure will be broken, and you will have to re-create it.

Use the “:formatted as text” operator instead and manage the parameters with “find&replace”. Thus, deleting the first parameter or the middle one will not waste your time.

I hope that helps,


Hi. I really appreciate your help, but I’m a newbie and I don’t understand what you did there. If it was an explainer video, I think it would have been very easy. I know it’s asking too much but please can you do a short explainer video on that?

Hi @lancegerarrd

Actually, I recorded a video, but the internet is very bad where I am, I think it will take days for Loom to process it, if I can upload it, I will also post the video.

The logic works like this. I want 5 separate inputs to have values ​​as well. In this case, I need to use two operators for my first input.

The first is the Boolean operator “is not empty”. Boolean is just an operator that returns a yes or no answer, the output is text, but Bubble does not allow adding a text operator. In order to access text operators, I converted this yes/no answer to text type with the :formatted as text operator. If it’s not empty, I want it to print yes, as it originally offered, and I can manipulate the rest with text operators.

I added find&replace operator after :formatted as text. I search for the word yes, if the incoming word is yes, I return the Boolean value of the other input I want to use in the restriction. Here I no longer need the formatted as text operator because I don’t need to access the text operators. As a result, yes or no will be accepted as a text.

Here’s how to use the Do a search for operator to make it clear that it will also return a Boolean result. If it is greater than one it will return yes.

Finally, I make sure that the text that comes in is “yes”. Thus, the condition is fulfilled.


Preview :

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Hey @eren would you have to put :formatted as text in there from the beginning? I can’t seem to add it to the first item (of an existing string) without it deleting the rest… which was the problem in the first place, ha.

For the first expression, choose something that doesn’t affect it in any way, then use the same technique for the inputs.