How do I do a Calculation with the power to

I am rebuilding an app I had built in Google Sheets to Bubble and have progressed nicely. I have been using the Expressions plugin but one formula is stumping me. In Sheets it is 2^(G4/3). G4 will be a dynamic filed from Bubble. The answer in Sheets if I replace G4 with 6 is 4, where in Buble it is 0. I tried replacing the formula with 2<<(6/3) I get the answer 8 instead of 4. How can I get it to give me the correct result?

Thank you in advance

I’ve figured it out. It should be 2**(6/3)

Hi Christo, thanks for posting your solution. I am struggling with inputA to the power of input B, i cannot quite seem to be able to type ** as you mentioned above. Can you please post a screenshot of your solution in editor?

Hi Madeline, I was using the Expression tool from the toolbox plugin.
Recently I found a much easier way.

Here is what the calculation looks like without using the expression plugin: image

Note both inputs need to be number formats for this to show up.

I can’t believe I missed this!

Thanks very much for the quick response. I have now solved the problem. Cannot believe it was that simple! :joy:

Glad I could help. Took me 3 hours to figure out the first time. At least I learnt :slight_smile:

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