How do I edit database without having to build a UI

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Hope someone can help :slight_smile:

I need to edit user data manually since a new data type was created and there is no UI for users to edit the data (they won’t either since it is for internal use)

Searched for about 2 hours and can’t get an answer.

I’ve tried to create a ‘search for user and edit data’ interface page to no avail since I am new to all of this and while trying to follow the tutorial examples my application is different…

Is there an easy way to edit the database manually instead of building a UI?


Hi Ettiene,

If you go to the Data tab and then the App Data sub tab, you’ll see all of your data records there. Each record has a pencil icon next to it that, when clicked, will pull up an editable form to edit the fields. Depending on how much editing you’re wanting to do, this may be enough.

But, if you plan on doing a lot more editing more frequently, I do recommend building the UI for yourself. It’ll make things so much easier. If you want to share some more details about what you’re trying to accomplish, I’d be happy to help. Should just be a matter of getting the right workflows together.

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Oh my… How simple can it be? Hahaha

Thank you so much. I should slow down and look at a page properly.

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