How do I get a option set item to show when clicking a repeating group cell?

Hiya! I’m sure this is a simple task but I’m a bit stuck. As you can see below, I’m building an app that lists a series of to do list items on the left (in a repeating group using an option set with options I’m calling the “header” and “subheader”).

I want someone to be able to click one of those items (cells) and for that click to trigger a box on the right to display more details about that specific to-do list item (what I’m calling the “body”).

Right now I’m only able to display the first item’s body text on the right and it’s showing at all times. I want the page to load and nothing to show, and then only for body text to show when a user clicks the corresponding cell

Any advice would be super appreciated!

Here is my current options setup.

Hi @asahara

So first you new to set the right group (Body):

Select the group => Layout => “This element is visible on page loaded” Not checked

Now you need to create the workflow which will show the Body group and display the correspondent data:

“When Currentcell is clicked” => “Show element” (you select the Body Group) => “Display data on an group” (element section select again the Body Group and data to display is gonna be the current cell info)

Best regards

You’re amazing!! Thank you so much! It works! Hallelujah!

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