Page Refresh Causing Issue

Hello all. Hope things are well. The app I am building asks users a series of questions throughout the day. I may have wrongly done this with a series of separate elements that hide and appear as questions are moved through.

My issue is that every time the user refreshes the page or reopens the page it goes back to question 1. What can I do to hold the users place in the series of questions so it does not always send them back to question 1?

Thank you!

I would create a field for the User that tracks their current question. Say they answer question one, when they hit submit you do “make changes to Current User” and the field “current question = 2”. That way when they come back you can check their current question and show their question accordingly.

Oooo this makes perfect sense. So I would create that field in the user table and then have the question show that is = to current user question right?

Exactly! So then instead of navigating your elements by telling them to show in the workflow. Set them in the conditional settings to show when the "current users question = "

Hey @beto.namnum,

If you didn’t want to touch the database, you could use the method I describe here: Manipulating URL Path and Maintaining state on a single page

Hope this helps!

Awesome! Thank you!

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