Repeating group starting from index 2

I have the following repeating group. I want:

  • “this conversation is private” to be only in the first repeating group
  • the list of users’ names to start from row 2.

I manage to do point 1, but I cannot do point 2. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? thanks

Put a condition on that “name” text box that says if current cell’s index is 1 then this element is visible = no.

And the opposite for the “conversation is private”.


hey @robhblake thanks for the reply

hmm but that simply hides the first element of the repeating group (the name Andy). I want to keep all names, but push them one row below

What if you simply put a label above that repeating group that had your message. You could put the label in the repeating group in a group so that they stay together.

With something like that work for you or do you need the message to be able to disappear when you scroll down? For me, because the message does not pertain to the list of names exactly (because it’s not a name), I think the message would look fine to appear above the list of names at all times but that’s just my input

@jared.gibb hmm actually I would prefer to have the message inside the repeating group. basically, the text element should be the first element of the repeating group, similar to whatsapp

I think I implemented what you wrote, and it also seems to work properly (when scrolling the text elements scrolls, too) when we group both the text and the repeating group.

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