How do i make it possible to reply to comments

I’m making a twitter clone, and one of the things i want to add is a comment reply system. i’ve already made a commenting system, i just want to know how to make it possible to reply to comments, thanks

Hello. You could use my tutorial on creating a comment system, and just add another data type on the comments data type, called “replies”. Just attach the replies to the comments, the same way comments are attached to posts.

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thanks! will definelty try this out!

Hi! I’ve noticed that you are building a twitter clone. I am developing an Instagram clone. I stuck in building tagging functionality. Do you plan to implement tagging in your clone? If yes, I would appreciate if you could hint the solution.

I’m yet to find a solution for a tagging system, so i’m stuck on that like you are. but i’ll notify you if i ever figure it out

I guess I found a solution to implement hashtags. There is a free plugin for this

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