How do I overwrite my newly saved file with the older one?

I am trying to record an audio file using an external plugin and then save this file to my database. But the second time I do this, I do not want a new file created. I need the new file to overwrite the older file. How can I do this? I am very new to bubble and not a big coder. Any help would be very appreciated! :slight_smile:

each time you upload an item, you make a data set for it.
When you do that, you can easily update those data sets.

make sure when you replace the data set you also delete the file that was in the existing data set. pretty sure when you remove files from within a data set, they go poof! :slight_smile:

  • also if you DO upload to your storage, when you remove, add the action: remove upload, and you’ll have to make sure you have the upload link saved before you delete the data set.

Thank you! I am able to manually do that.

What I’m trying to do is - when the user clicks the ‘stop recording’ button, I need the app to look for an existing audiofile and overwrite it instead of saving a new one. How can I do this?