How do I reclaim my old bubble subdomain?

When I first started using Bubble I made an app. Then I deleted it.

Later on I created a brand new Bubble account under a new email. I now want to make a new app on the new account using the same subdomain. But Bubble is telling me the name is taken.

Considering how unique the subdomain name is, I highly doubt that someone has taken that name. I think the system is holding onto the subdomain of my deleted app on the old account for some unknown reason.

It was deleted a long time ago, so I expected it to be available again.

Can someone from the Bubble team please help me release that subdomain name?

I still have access to the old account.

Hey @Minty,

Did you go into your old application and click “Delete Domain Name?” If not, I think you’re in a tough spot and need to contact the Bubble Success Team to get it released at

I did not!

Thanks I will email.

Yeah that’s the best bet. I believe Bubble changed the way they handle their deleted applications resulting in the issue you’re experiencing.

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