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How do I remove a contact from a SendGrid List

I had a question about the SendGrid plugin from Coaching No Code Apps.

I get how to add a contact to a list - but I don’t get how to delete/remove a user from a list. Is it the update list action? I can’t see the same fields like email for example?

Basically, my users have settings where they can click checkboxes to toggle one/off what mailing lists they are subscribed to and so I need to update it on the Sendgrid end too.

If anyone can help - that’d be greatly appreciated.



Did you manage to solve this issue?

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Yes, I emailed them directly and it turned out to be a bug on their end which they fixed and the plugin now has another option for deleting/removing a user from a list.

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How do you remove a contact from a list? There’s an action “remove contact from list”. In that action, there’s a “contact_ids” field. What did you put in that field?

I put “current user’s email” but that didn’t remove the contact from the list.

For the “list_id” field, I put the ID in the URL on sendgrid when I chose the list in question.

Is that what I’m supposed to do?

you do a search of all your sendgrid contacts and then filter by the current user’s email but then select their ID (see screenshot below).

The list ID you’ve done right - it’s in the URL on sendgrid for that List



I am not able to get the sendgrid campaigns - retrieve all contacts’s results…

How do you get this action in the “contact_ids” field?

Did you create a new data type in your database?

As long as you have the coaching no code plugin installed, it should show up as an option.

Check in your plugins tab too to make sure you are on the latest version of the plugin and if not - update it by clicking on the most recent one.


I already have the plugin installed on the latest version (3.2.0) and I have the sendgrid actions in the workflow.

The issue is in adding the dynamic data. I don’t have the sendgrid options as the one in your screenshot for the contact_ids parameter.

Here is the screenshot of my editor when I search for the same thing in the contact_ids parameter

Not sure how you’re getting the sendgrid option in the dynamic data.

Am i doing somehting wrong?

Weird - not sure how i did it to be honest. Maybe message the email on their website. I didn’t get a response on bubble about my issue but did from their email.

The step that was missing from the above answer was you have to select “Get data from an external API” when in the contact_ids list.

Next select Sendgrid Campaigns - Retrieve all Contacts

Then select “'s result”

Then :filtered

Then add the constraint email = current Users’s email

Then select :first item

Then 's id

After that you should be good