How do I resize repeating group cell depending on the size of the elements visible in it?

I’m trying to change the size of each repeating group cell depending on the size of the element currently visible inside it. so if group A is visible in a cell, I want that cell’s size to be the same as the size of group A, But if group B is visible in that cell, i want the cell to resize to its size, and so on. How do I achieve this?



Add two groups. Each on one side and use the responsive editor to hide it when parent width > 1px. Both groups should have a minimum width of 0 percent.

It should collapse the width on both sides for you. I’ve never tried it but it might work!

what exactly do you mean by putting each group on one side, i dont think i understood it properly? also i tried what you said and it doesn’t seem to work. thanks.

Bump. Still looking for a solution

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