Repeating group cell width change to length of text?

I’d like for the width of the cell AND the width of the white block behind the text to dynamically change with the width of the cells’ text.

How can I dynamically change the width of the repeating group cell to fit to the length of the Current cell’s text?

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Thanks for the post and great question.

Unfortunately it isn’t currently possible to have the cell’s width automatically respond to the width of the text. It IS possible to have it respond vertically though. So in your example above, you could absolutely have the white box expand vertically to remain behind both of the words instead of just behind the word ‘visual’.

Some users have found creative ways to accomplish something similar to dynamic width by using HTML to generate a repeating group as an HTML table. I might recommend a search of the forum to track down this technique and see if it might help for your usecase.

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